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New facade for a new decade

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DeVito & Mortenson: Battle for the Cowl!

great movies i watched this weekend, some of which feature Danny DeVito and Viggo Mortenson!

The Goodnight

Eastern Promises


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Nikki Sudden + Rowland Howard

here’s one of my favorites

Nikki Sudden & Rowland Howard-Wedding Hotel

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So Cow en So Cal

  1. Greetings by So Cow
  2. Outskirts by So Cow
  3. Ping Pong Rock by So Cow

[These are all from the 18 track So Cow LP on Tic Tac Totally. New LP OUT SOON]

This thursday at the Smell, go out and support So Cow. Last time they played at L’KEG, they played for a full fucking hour! To roughly fucking no one! And gave away free blankets with sleeves and head holes!

Don’t read the rest.

You’re not familiar? So Cow is a pop combo,  nay, a pop dude and his rotating band of merrymen hailing from Ireland. I believe pop dude’s name is Brian (only met him once). Anyhog, Brian/So Cow is much to fucking love for fanz of banz such as Buzzcocks, Go-Betweens, uhhh. Undertones, the Boys. But wait!! These bands are all cool, but we’re talking about SO COW here! Who Cow? Okay Okay, what you’re looking at here is the afformentioned punk related power pop acts as a third or fourth of the pie, another third being irish/english pop/garage acts of  the sixties like The Eyes, and then the other two sixths would be the Fall an’ Wire for the requisite weirdness. 15% Pulp for pop points, subtract what a huge blowhard that Pulp dude has got to be, subtract his moneys too. Brian also likes to throw a little bit of synth around as well as the occasional drum machine (in one such song, Shackleton, he details the events of the firing of his entire band over the stress of trying to write a true love song, and it seems he ended up working on this one solo).  He can sing in Korean as well! I think they/he even have/has a full length exclusively sold in South Korea. Why do you speak Korean?! Does your standard Chelsea rip-off band speak Korean? Johnny Thunders rip-offs? Oh, and he has quite a good voice too.

Ha, I hope Brian actually likes at least one of those bands.

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