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Gun Club-My Cousin Kim

February 18, 2010 1 comment

this was too fucking awesome not to post

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Teenage Guerillas by The Friendly Neighbors
Exquisite Corpse Cut With a Kitchen Knife and Arranged According to the Laws of Chance by Friendly Neighbors
A Song for Bosch by same

[All selections from the “…Or Else!” 7″]

Someday, these guys will be as famous as Modern Warfare.

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Groundhog or Bust

Squinting at my shadow; when will winter end?
No one knows what I do during the other three seasons
I will come to you through crag, twist, and bend
But I am coming for survival; not for you, nor jesus

Don’t get snowed in….
Don’t get snowed in……

I will eat so I can eat again; completing the circuit
Always had a curious streak (I drank poison as a child)
I have hoarded my excitement, but it was never worth it
Crush never came, hammer never fell, and I was stockpiled

Can’t leave the house…the door is blocked


Songs you should have downloaded by now:

Upon Your Request by The Starvations

Ambulance Station by Nikki Sudden

Let ’em Know by the Souls of Mischief

The Feds by Audacity

Madison by AM

Apache Blood Overdrive by NASA Space Universe

I’m going to do a post of a bunch of my favorite oldies. Probably a zip file.

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