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The Wedding Dice,
Poison Arrow,
I Take What I Want,

See You in the Boneyard

These tracks come from a live session on KPFK that I believe was recorded the same night as this flier on the left. Or at least the same month. As you can see it’s the Forever Came Today/Hard Road to Follow line-up. Jill Jordan, the band’s backing singer, was also present for the recording and sings on some of these tracks.

What is this???

I’m not going to bore you with a band history; if you give a fuck about the Flesh Eaters you’ve already read it all. However there are some outstanding write-ups out there you may not have seen. My favorite article on the band is Byron Coley’s fantastic ’82 tour diary, Masterpieces Hexed from the Dunes of Jive Broken Roads. Here’s the link to that.
Also another person I’d like to refer you to is Jay @ Detailed Twang who’s written some original thoughts on the Flesh Eaters. Oh, and if you’re in the googling mood, there’s a neat article @ perfect sound forever called “Heavy Punk Thunder from the Lake of Burning Fire”. That’s a good read too, but chances are if you’ve ended up here in your search for Flesh Eaters etc., you’ve seen em. But read em again, s’time you got reacquainted.

I’m not going to argue for any particular lp being the greatest, I love them all. Particularly the songs  “So Long”, “Poison Arrow”, “Lake of Burning Fire”, and “Because of You (Every Legend Dies a Quick Death)”. Over all, I’m a Chris Desjardins fan. His first solo album is beautiful. Divine Horsemen are great too, and I’m pretty keen on the last two Flesh Eaters records.


What I wanted to say when I sat down to this is that Chris D’s got a book out now. A reissue of his old one, Double Snake Bourbon………. with about 200% more added material!!
It’s called A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die (New Texture BOOKS)


Poetry: You get essentially everything he could find from 1973 to present. Wild stuff, very cinematic.

I wait outside the dog race track
Wyoming picnic parking lot,
me standing out against wide-eyed farmers,
skulls carved clean of brain
leading their wives into Labor…
drops of mucousy blood seep across their foreheads

Finally, I lose my patience
Inside the track, they ask for my I.D.
Muscles flexing bust the bodyguards’ T-shirts
as they work me over

And then there he is standing over me,
his breath heavy
as if he delivered to blows himself
‘Get up, boy,’ he says,
‘Come into my office.’

-Winchester ’77

Baby, with a sword,
leaving your prey sprawled on the front lawn
with cartoon X’s for eyes,
my little girl in a floppy trenchcoat and hat
trying to avoid the pursuit of the 8mm Saliva Demon
a crazy brother  chronicled on silent celluloid
Blue Boy the parakeet perches on your head,
escapes by accident one day when you go outside
and you forget he sits on your shoulder

-Baby Lynne

Dream Stories/Fragments: I think a more apt title would Nightmare Journals. Actually, they’re not all horror stories. These come in the form of old and new, well, Fragments. Those I think are straight recollection, what he could remember when he got the pen to paper. Also there is a section of elaborated Dream Stories; there’s more of a literary flourish to these. I think he used to have these published in Forced Exposure. Out of all the material in the book (which is close to 500 pages!) I think the dream stories may be my favorite.

Julie and I decide to settle in for the night. We get out our sleeping bags. Just as we are starting to doze, a fight between some bikers and lowriders wakes us. So we pack up again. I ease the dragster forwards, but have to get out to pull the front end up with my bare hands, shift it around so it’ll fit into the exit lane.

Greasers and bloody bikers spit catcalls out at us as we drift by. Inside the exit land walls,  Julie jumps out to chat with an old friend who’s sitting against the fence with a jug of wine. I roll the dragster further one to keep the exit clear

A bearded biker with a big ugly Budweiser cap on races after me. As soon as I’m in the driveway, he pulls out a Luger and starts blasting! I jump at him, pressing his gun hand up into the air. It goes off, fires again and again, once in his mouth, then his left cheek, then his right eye and finally his forehead. But there’s no effect!

He edges the deadly barrel back towards me, and I know I’ve no chance of being so invulnerable.

-Dragon Wheel Splendor

Lyrics: All of Chris’ lyrics 77-04 are included. Here’s some near-and-dear samples.

She sunk on down to Bourbon Street,
where the junkies sang her songs, and the winos kissed her feet
The pimps are too scared to even shaker her hand,
saying, “Sister Lucy Damien’s deadlier than any man!”
All the other whores are clucking their tongues,
disease in their blood and a sickness in their lungs
Well, she killed Koko Joe with her flying left hook!
But the sheriff won’t arrest her because she’s in his prayer book


If you keep looking in the wrong place
you’re never going to find what you need
I made friends with a rocket
and I put that rocket in my veins,
I put that rocket in my veins,
shot so high up out of myself,
I fell flat on my face
Cute lil’ wild one to boot, cute lil’ wild one to boot,
cute lil’ wild one shot a poison arrow
of flame straight to her daddy’s heart
That shaft pierced where sane women fear to tread,
a heart from which blood can no longer flow

-Poison Arrow

The rest of the contents are: seven screenplay ideas, unpublished novels (another of my favorite sections, if you get a chance to paw at the book check out Sacred World and Shallow Water), an appendix of his favorite films (a very long appendix). The whole thing is annotated; he says a lot about the things he made, and even more about things that made him make the things he made! In the back of the book there’s a strong afterword containing some words to live by. “Do not give in“, there’s four of them.

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