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Because We All Have Those HUMAN MOMENTS!

Izzy Pod here, yet again to bring you more music that will violate your perceptions of reality, alter your consciousness, or at the very least, tickle your fucked up fancy. The band that I share with you today is none other than the Bay Area’s own, Strip Mall Seizures. The band is a five piece synth-punk-klezmer-mutant-combo: two cups of step-the-fuck-back and a teaspoon of don’t-mess-with-me. Singer Jew-D Bawlz patrols the stage like a malfunctioning wind up doll with an insane, but all too knowing smile on her face. Her vocal style can go through a myriad of styles including screaming, whooping, hollering, and even barking. The guitars are there more for texture than actual chords or picking, but rest assured it is all very structured. The bass is jagged and relentless, like careening down river rapids in an inner tube. The aspect that really adds to the fucked up sound however, is the keyboards. Bork Schism (who has an amazing solo project called Nero’s Day At Disneyland). They sound so messed up and malfunctioned and circuit bent, however if you listen closely, the song structures almost resemble classical music at times. Their live performances are extremely insane, and I have heard reports of people leaving their shows missing teeth and clumps of hair. I don’t know how much more I can say about this band, but get everything you can by them. If you enjoy music that can make you dance, slam dance and scare of the faint of heart, then Strip Mall Seizures are the download for you.

Human Moment
Testimonial 1
I Believe In [_______]

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  1. elliott
    December 12, 2009 at 8:48 am

    wow this is awesome. thanks.

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