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NASA Space Universe: The Why of Necrophilia


666 Seconds of NASA

A NASA Space Universe Show: A pale circus strongman walks out from behind a stage, in front of which a three-piece band is jamming at a mid-pace. He takes the microphone and says in a rather timid voice “Everyone has someone in their life, everyone i mean. We all have someone in our life who we hate so much we wish they were dead. Someone who brings us nothing but turmoil. Everything would be a lot easier if they were to die. For them to be obliterated would be a huge load off your back. So now that you’re all thinking about this person, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re all going to hold hands and focus really hard, and maybe if we do it hard enough, those people will be killed tonight.” Some hold hands with eager grins on their faces, others shift in their place uncertainly. “Well,” said the strongman, “I guess I’ll have to get this thing rolling” He lurched forward and cringed and proceeded to spit a hoarse hate tirade for 210 seconds or so, possibly directed at a family member. The most expletives you ever heard. At one point or another he fell on his face, but did not stop screaming. The band then jolted into a song that was like Surviving You Always-era Saccharine Trust played by Cows and Beer-era Die Kreuzen, or maybe it was the other way around. Five geeky kids picked up the circus strongman and hoisted him onto their shoulders where he sang from. They used him as a battering ram back and forth across the room, smashing into onlookers. Then the first song ended.

  1. Tomm Travolda by NASA SPACE UNIVERSE
  2. Apache Blood Overdrive BY NASA SPACE UNIVERSE


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