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Thomas Function B-Sides: Vol. 1

October 31, 2009 5 comments

Thomas Function, if you haven’t heard of them, are swell country-basted punk band from Alabama. They recently tore it up across America on a full tour, the Los Angeles leg of which I missed. Fortunately, we can put on our headphones and commiserate together, dreaming of what might have been.

As the title suggests, this post is the first in a series I am planning. Having heard all of their singles/ep’s (there’s 6 so far) I have come to the conclusion that they always save the best for b-side.

This track I’m about to give you is off the Belly of the Beast single. In my opinion, it sorta marries Hallowed Ground-Violent Femmes to the Voidoids and Adventure-Television, in the holiest of polygamist unions. I know, everyone keeps comparing them to Television. Well, let’s take it up a notch and say that since they sound to me like the Voidoids and Television combined, they probably sound like the slick-as-snot-on-a-shithouse-door stepheaded-redchild of the Neon Boys.

You be the judge. (as per usual, i don’t yet have enough ram for BADASS rips, so make due. also 4shared sometimes shaves time off the end of the songs, ain’t my fault)


You can also steal the a-side by surfing the web a little, entering all your usual key words into google: blog, download, blogspot, mp3, streaming, thomas function, belly of the beast, rar, zip

NASA Space Universe: The Why of Necrophilia

October 26, 2009 1 comment

666 Seconds of NASA

A NASA Space Universe Show: A pale circus strongman walks out from behind a stage, in front of which a three-piece band is jamming at a mid-pace. He takes the microphone and says in a rather timid voice “Everyone has someone in their life, everyone i mean. We all have someone in our life who we hate so much we wish they were dead. Someone who brings us nothing but turmoil. Everything would be a lot easier if they were to die. For them to be obliterated would be a huge load off your back. So now that you’re all thinking about this person, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re all going to hold hands and focus really hard, and maybe if we do it hard enough, those people will be killed tonight.” Some hold hands with eager grins on their faces, others shift in their place uncertainly. “Well,” said the strongman, “I guess I’ll have to get this thing rolling” He lurched forward and cringed and proceeded to spit a hoarse hate tirade for 210 seconds or so, possibly directed at a family member. The most expletives you ever heard. At one point or another he fell on his face, but did not stop screaming. The band then jolted into a song that was like Surviving You Always-era Saccharine Trust played by Cows and Beer-era Die Kreuzen, or maybe it was the other way around. Five geeky kids picked up the circus strongman and hoisted him onto their shoulders where he sang from. They used him as a battering ram back and forth across the room, smashing into onlookers. Then the first song ended.

  1. Tomm Travolda by NASA SPACE UNIVERSE
  2. Apache Blood Overdrive BY NASA SPACE UNIVERSE


nasa chones

Alma Mater: America’s Answer to the Blues!!

October 25, 2009 1 comment

AM, or Alma Mater,  have been operating in one form or another for around five years I believe, out of their home base of Garbage Grove, California (that’s right, five commas in one sentence). They play around the SoCal area with all yer other good local bands: Audacity, Thee Makeout Party, Pteradacdudes, The Amazements, Gestapo Khazi, etc. Unfortunately, despite all their DIY efforts  (they showed up with a generator to play for people waiting in line for Fuck Yeah Fest),  are still going unnoticed.

On a boat
On a boat

AM have churned out three releases that i know of: two full length albums (1998, and Alma Mater), and a split 7inch with No Paws (No Lions). The tracks I’m uploading are from the 7inch and really show their popindypunk versatilitah! Now to entice you with generalizations about their sound!: Modern Lovers, Replacements, early Wipers, Husker Du, J Church, Ramones

Story is a short….romantic? stomp with clanging guitars, shouted germexican vocals, and it all kinda tornado’s out at the end.

Madison is about a minute longer, which is an eternity in punk years. Nicely spaced stopping-n-starting, whooping back-ups over spoken lyrics, roughly as(…) romantic as Story.

Heirarchy is the third track and it’s equally great, but I’m not uploading it because one of my rules on this blog is not to give away an entire record from a current band.

The players on this record are: Karen-Drums (she has her bass drum on it’s side and plays it like a tom), Fonzie-Lead Guitar and vocals on Story (he’s got a rickenbaker now, refuses to pay for it), Felipe-Bass and vocals on Madison, and Bradley-Guitar bringin the beef to the sound.

if you dig these tracks, definitely contact AM via their myspace. they sell their shit DIRT cheap.


October 25, 2009 5 comments

Hello there, my blog name is Brooklyn, and this here’s A Little Necrophilia. It’s a music blog, which will branch out into movies, comix, books, and everything else under the sun. Whether or not you know it, my blogtitle is a movie reference. Before I start my public humiliation, I’d like to tip my hat to the pioneers who inspired me to do so:

Last Days of Man on Earth

Detailed Twang

Killed By Death

Punk Not Profit
Everyone hates intro posts, so I’m just going to add one more detail. This blog isn’t just going to be mine. I’ve got a friend who’s going to do posts under his own guise, soon as he has the means to rip vinyl.

So here it is, my first post:

Gestapo Khazi @ the Church

Gestapo Khazi @ the Church

Out of Long Beach, California comes, or maybe slithers, Gestapo Khazi. Born of the world famous Bad Pad, they’re quite the up and comers, whether or not the blogging world has yet recognized it. These dudes are fusing hardcore with the mythology of the American Southwest, lust, carnival calling, dementia, shootouts, and vertigo in a bleached foundry and slapping it all on an underground railway making stops in Egypt, Romania, and motherfuckin Indochina. Not so unlike the much missed Starvations, you can hear the Flesh Eaters and the Gun Club underneath it all. GK are panning that gold a lot differently though, a different tributary. There are no degrees of uniquity, you either have it or you don’t. Most often the case with a band working rockabilly and surf into the mix, is that you don’t. These fellas, however, have it. On top of that there’s a hefty appreciation for the likes of Wall of Voodoo, Savage Republic, Stranglers, Leadbelly, and The Saints being digested in alla this.

A lil info regarding personel:

On vocals you got John, ex-guitarist for Bad Parents, Geisha Girls (who opened at the Flesh Eaters reunion[which i have recordings from, expect em in the future]). Drumming for em is Mike, also ex-Bad Parents, an’ i gotta say he’s one of the better drummers I’ve seen live. Dan on bass, ex-shadowmen who were a FANTASTIC live act. His playing in this band is as we say in America, da bee’s knees, and least but not last, Erik on guitar. Anyone knows of any other bands he’s been in, I wanna hear em!

anywhos, enough bio bullshit, kant wax starstruck much longer, embarrassing everyone. here’s the link to Open House off their debut split w/ SF’s Ebonics

OPEN HOUSE by GESTAPO KHAZI (note: GK’s first seven inch has been reissued, buy it you cheap fuck)

gestapo khazi 7 inch cover

This was my first ever vinyl rip. There’s some minor skipping on it cuz my computer needs more RAM, and the quality and volume are a bit off, so buy the disc so you can REALLY HEAR IT

Oh, and if/when you buy this record, you can find it at their myspace profile, along with their twelve inch ep, which kicks too. It’s a really diverse record: